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I made this website to gather all my songs in one place. So the music listeners can have access to the complete collection.

Just Click on the links below (bottom of this page), you'll get a mp3 player for each album, movie soundtracks or videogames. Click on "Share" on the player, and you can have it on your own website, page or personal blog.

Please leave me a message on the forum concerning your feelings about the music !



             About the news                       

Release of the videogames by NADEO music by Doo :

  • TRACKMANIA DS (Nintendo)
  • TRACKMANIA NATIONS FOREVER (free download on


Release of 3 CDs by the publisher AXS MUSIC (

  • NIGHT MADEMOISELLE (composed, written, performed and produced by Doo)
  • HYPNOTIC FARWEST (composed, written, performed and produced by Doo et Gilles Cardoni)
  • TOTAL SIXTIES (composed, written, performed and produced by Doo et Mouli)

Still working on a fourth on, that can be heard daily on radio France Culture : THE DIAMOND LAKE



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